Her name is Jedija, she is 30 and she was originated from Desse where a lot of girls migrated to the Middle East. She completed grade 8 but after that she couldn’t continue. All she was thinking about was migration. She decided to migrate to Saudi Arabia to support her families like her friends and neighbors. They bought a house for their families after migrated.

She worked in Saudi for about 14 years and she could support her families in all her stays. She engaged marriage with an Eritrean man and she continued her job as domestic worker in a daily base. She gave birth to two children. However, both of the two children were autistic and she felt hopeless. She couldn’t continue her job while she looks after them every second. She couldn’t afford the medical treatment and her relationship with her husband became unbearable since they fight a lot. Finally she decided to come to Ethiopia.

Agar helped her with shelter services and she provided with counseling sessions, occupational therapy, medical support, life skill and basic business skill trainings. Intensive psychiatric care also provided for her children in referral with Emanuel Hospital. She also trained in vocational skill training and she got certificate from the training.

Her children are now in a good condition. They have finalized their follow up and started formal education out of the shelter.

After finalizing her vocational skill training she was hired in Agar female shelter as a Guard 1 year ago.

She said “Thanks to Agar Ethiopia, now am so happy. I and my children are living with the community happily. My children are now in a good health condition.”