Our Achievements

In collaboration with government, civil society organizations and donors, Agar Ethiopia has addressed more than 6,600 elders, rehabilitated, reintegrated and reunified 15,000 returnees, 19,600 IDPs 300 refugees. More than 6,000 and 3,000 survivors of violence trafficking and 2,500 street children rehabilitated in the rehab centers and reintegrated to families and communities   since founded in 2005.

Currently, Agar Ethiopia runs fourrehab centers two in Addis Ababa and two in Bahir Dar with the total capacity of 280 persons at a time and oneTVET Collage which is a unique Boarding Business and Vocational Skill Training Centre. The four rehab centers provide comprehensive psychosocial services to more than 200 women, 80 men and 50 children while the training center accommodates more than 50 boarding and 150 non-boarding trainees at a time. Agar Ethiopia is currently supporting 600 elders at their home within the community.

Agar Ethiopia Charitable Society (Agar Ethiopia) is a national non-political, non-profit making and non-governmental organization established in 2005, re-registered in 2009 and 2019 as Civil Society Organization by Agency for Civil Society Organizations.

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P.O. Box: 28657/1000
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia