Major Programs

Elderly Support Program (ESP)

Elder Rehabilitation Program (ERP)

The program provides a temporary shelter, food, and clothing including medical and psychosocial treatment. The elderly people are able to move out of the rehabilitation program when personal or family situation improves.

Sponsor a Grandparent Raise a Grandchild

The program encourages independent living that enables the elderly people live with their family to raise their grand children in their respective community (Children Support Program).

Vulnerable Elder Sponsorship Program

The program is connecting the elders with potential individuals for support. The program also works to strengthen the capacity of local civil society and community based organizations on fund raising and how to connect the elders with potential individuals and/or corporate donors.

Rehabilitation and Reintegration Program


Provide psychosocial support such as shelter, food, clothing, and psychological counseling; life, skills training; medical and psychiatric treatment & care.

BBS & Vocational Skills Training Program

Provide Basic Business Skills (BBS) and vocational skills training that enable them to be assertive, economically fit and self supportive.

Legal Service Support Program

The legal support program identifies the legal support needs of beneficiaries and refers them to respective government legal service providers.

Reintegration Program

Reintegrate rehabilitated persons to community or family through family reunification and economic empowerment.

Reducing Trafficking & GBV Program

This program engages the larger community on awareness-raising against trafficking and violence through Reach-to-Reach program and different electronics or print media such as radio, TV, workshops, and community conversations.

Health Program

This program is a newly implemented program as of 2015. The program works to strengthen the mental health service delivery capacity of Agar Ethiopia by building health service delivery institutes (psychiatry/geriatric hospital, training centers and medical supply pharmacies). This program ensures institutional sustainability through income generating by involving potential individuals and corporate donors.

Children in Need Program

This program is a newly implemented program since 2018 as a result children found to be highly affected in migration process and the most vulnerable segment of society in internal trafficking.

Agar Ethiopia Charitable Society (Agar Ethiopia) is a national non-political, non-profit making and non-governmental organization established in 2005, re-registered in 2009 and 2019 as Civil Society Organization by Agency for Civil Society Organizations.

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